Seminyak gay massage spa. Since we open we offer wide choice of massage services for men by men masseurs. Important part in our spa services is body care – facial treatment and body scrub.

Massage is part of Balinese heritage. In Coco Grande Spa it’s most important service in our offer. All our male masseurs are well trained and usually have previous experience in leading spa across Indonesia. We are happy to receive many great reviews and positive feedback from our Guests. We do hope that You will join our satisfied Guests.

Classic relaxing massage, balinese massage and body to body massage are in our standard offer. Please, do not hesitate to ask question for our other skills. Some of our staff can do thai massage, deep tissue and use other techniques. Male massage in Seminyak is popular way for gay travelers to relax. After many years we offer experience and great technique.

While massage is most important we are sure that our body care services – facial and body scrub will make You feel refreshed. Your skin need careful attention in tropical climate.

Our staff coming from many places. Balinese, Javanese, Sumatran guys are working for us. You can also see our staff online in Gallery. Visit gallery to chose Your favorite masseur. All pictures are recent. But please do not ask for naughty images – we do not have them ?

We always follow best trends in customer service. Because of that we constantly improving our services. Bali gay massage prices are published, we offer online booking and payment services. Almost everything to make experience seamless.


All our masseurs provide top class technique in massage. With all massages we are using natural, aroma therapy oil. Relaxing Massage aim to make You calm and relaxed, Balinese Massage is rather strong and dedicated to relieve pain from muscle, Body To Body massage stimulates senses.

Every time You need to look great or simply refresh Your face after sun. Combination of green tea and aloe vera based cosmetics can make miracle.

Sun, sand, sweat. Your body need rejuvenation and skin has to breath again. Let us use gentle scrub and exfoliation. We will nourish Your skin with milky lotion.

Favorite Guests choice. Combination of massages and body care treatment with competitive price.

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